A review by rajani_tries_to_read
Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


After attempting to read this book multiple times throughout the years, I have finally completed it. I had heard about the six hoes of this story a lot and knew how beloved these characters are. When Netflix announced Shadow and Bones adaptation, I had no plans to watch it because I did not care for Shadows and Bones book. But, the early reviews of the show was good, and it supposedly also had Six of Crows characters and stories in it. So, I had to watch the show and I wanted to read the duology before watching the show.

I decided to listen to the audio book because reading had not worked. The voice actors did an amazing job except for Kaz’s voice actor who made Kaz sounds like a man in his 40s. This was my first audio book and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Six of Crows is a solid and top tier young adult book. This book deserve all the praises it has received and I wish I had read this book earlier. It was too hyped and I was not as impressed as I would have been had it read it about 2 years ago.

I enjoyed Six of Crows mostly because of the amazing characters Bardugo has written. Initially, I was more curious about the mystery presented in the 1st chapter and then about ‘the job’. As the story progressed, however, I found myself more interested in the characters and their past that led them all to the barrel. Having each chapter be a different character’s pov was a great idea and it kept me in anticipation about whose pov would be next. Bardugo incorporates the backstories of all the characters at different parts of the story and it further helped create an atmosphere of intrigue. Whose backstory is coming next? How did this character get from being that to this? What else happened? Now that we know the past, how does it relate to the plot right now?

I liked character driven plot more lots of character depth, growth and well written arcs. Six of Crows did that for me. But, it also had a really good plot with surprising amount of world building. There is mystery, thrill, drama, comedic moment, fantastical elements and storylines that have parallels to the real world. I think most people can enjoy this book unless they have an aversion to all things fantasy.