A review by ozeankind
Last Guard, by Nalini Singh


Okay, so, I guess this means I officially finished the 20th book in this series. And man, I love how the series has developed over the years. From basically straight up straight porn with brilliant world building to brilliant world building with porn. It's the first book to feature a disabled love interest and I was constantly holding my breath for sth problematic (bc I mean, it's a physically disabled character whose love interest is a telekinetic and boy was I afraid of a 'her love literally makes me walk') and it never came? It actually acknowledged the eugenic in concept of perfection?? Wow. Also also further established the first gay couple, with names, screen time, flirting and pining? Damn Ms Singh, way to get along with time!
And I didn't even talk about the story?? I just love this series and there are so many reasons I re-read multiple books of it embarrassingly often.