A review by becsbookshelf
The Younger Wife, by Sally Hepworth


The moment Tully met Heather she knew that woman was going to ruin their lives. Tully and sister Rachel aren’t impressed when they are strong armed into meeting their fathers new younger girlfriend. He is still married to their mother who lives in a care facility as her alzheimers has gotten considerably worse in the last few months.

Heather knows she won’t win the girls over easily, but she hopes deep down one day they’ll accept her and her secrets will stay buried. The girls but happen to have secrets of their own. And just like that the couples engagement sets off a chain of events that no one was ready for. New and old wounds come to life and they all wont make it out alive.

I’ve loved Hepworth’s other novels and had high expectations for this one. It was a whity page turner but there was so much going on and I was letdown by the ending. Don’t let my review put you off there are people of other people who loved this one.