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Obsidian: Last Chapter in Daemon's POV, by Jennifer L. Armentrout


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This book, this series, is highly gripping and addictive. Yea, it has similarities to Twilight, but holy crap it is just so much better. Katy moves next door to a mysterious brother and sister. And they turn out to be these awesome aliens. And in Daemons case, very hot alien. Katy and Dee start to become pretty close, but Daemon isn't having this. He doesn't trust humans. Katy and Daemons relationship in turn is pretty intense. Full of jabs and arguments, but hot. Katy doesn't back down from him and his jackass-ness. She's really feisty(hello Kitten). Get this, she's also a book blogger. I absolutely loved this! The terms and memes and everything that we bloggers do was right there. Awesome! Anyhow, the alien race Armentrout has created is pretty cool. Her characters and character development is near perfect. And the dialogue, especially between Katy and Daemon is spot on and a lot of them time pretty hilarious. Obsidian has it all; action, hot romance, aliens, lovable characters and characters you love to hate. I'm in love!