A review by flattrash
Velvet Was the Night, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia



C1- El Elvis is a thug who works for El Mago. 
C2- Maite's b-day. 
C3- El Mago makes Elvis the leader. 
C4- Maite steals from her neighbors. 
C5- Maite gets a phone call from Leonora.
C6- Elvis gets Leonora as a case. 
C7- Maite is still looking for Leonora.
C8- Elvis searches Leonora's apt, visits Father Villareal.
C9- Maite and Rubén go to a coffee shop.
C10- Elvis gets Maite as an assignment.
C11- DFS Mateo Anaya visits Maite's office. 
C12- Elvis talks to Justo. 
C13- Maite goes to Emilio's home. 
C14- Elvis goes to the Asterisk. 
C15- Maite and Rubén go to the Asterisk.
C16- Elvis gets caught and beat. 
C17- Maite and Rubén go back to her place. 
C18- Maite and Rubén visit Jessica Laramie.
C19- Elvis and Güero interrogate Sócrates.
C20- Maite and Rubén go back to her place. 
C21- El Gazchapo is dead. 
C22- Sócrates is dead. Leonora called.
C23- Elvis and Güero get beat up by Anaya's men. 🔥
C24- Maite and Rubén go for burgers.
C25- The Hawks are sinking. 
C26- Maite found the film.
C27- Elvis and Güero kill Anaya and his men.
C28- Maite runs to Emilio's house. 
C29- Elvis kills El Mago. 
C30- Rubén is in the hospital. Leonora is back. 
Epilogue- Elvis reveals himself to Maite.

I hate this book. All the characters were unlikable but I could understand their decisions. Pace is very slow with 1 plot point.