A review by ibustama
Royal Street, by Suzanne Johnson


***I happened to know the author and want to say that she didn’t ask me to review her book and that knowing her didn’t influence my opinion.

Royal Street is a fantastic beginning to a series I plan to continue. DJ, the protagonist, is a likable heroine who—after a short evacuation—returns to find her beloved hometown, New Orleans, ravaged by a hurricane Katrina as well as supernatural creatures. On top of that, her mentor is missing, murders are taking place right and left, and 3 gorgeous men (one an undead pirate) are vying for her attention.

DJ is a stubborn and active character. She hardly listens to any advice from anyone and makes her own decisions, sound or not. Her impetuous nature gets her in trouble more than once, but as she begins to discover there’s more to her powers than she ever imagined, she gets better and better at getting out the same sticky situation she creates for herself.

I’m still curious as to why DJ couldn’t use her magic to cure her own injuries. She could make potions for all kinds of other things, but not to treat her various wounds. This was never explained, but I’m hoping it will be address in the next books.

ROYAL STREET ends with a lot of promise for the series, and I can’t wait to see what Suzanne has in stores for DJ in the next book.