A review by emiged
California Demon by Julie Kenner


Second installment in the series, this one pretty much carrying on from where the first one ended. Quick read, don't have to think too deeply about. I like Kate, the main character; I think if I moved to San Diablo we'd get along just fine. Ms. Kenner makes her very sympathetic dealing with real "mommy" issues, but she's imperfect enough not to put the reader off. Some of the secondary characters felt a bit shortchanged this time around, Cutter, Eddie and Father Ben in particular. And the introduction of David Long has interesting possibilities.

The writing itself has some issues with repetition. We get that she loves her family, she's not going to let anything happen to them, and that anytime the demon she's fighting starts to get the upper hand, she'll realize that she can't let them win because she can't die and leave her family. I recognize that there are only so many ways to say that, but it does get old after a while.

Wonder how much longer she can/should keep it a secret from Stuart, though...guess I'll have to read the next one to find out!

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