A review by dontstopreadin
Fresh Ink by Lamar Giles


It’s late, so I’ll need to check my math later, but I think my average rating per story is 3.8. Let’s round up for fun.

Eraser Tattoo by Jason Reynolds
Made me cringe, self harm trigger, anti-climactic but cute rom 3 stars

Meet Cute by Melinda Lo
5 stars diverse and cleaver and adorable and dripping in fan culture cuteness

Don’t Pass Me By by Eric Gansworth
Nice rep, I think? kinda boring, meandering, slow moving plot. Good message about race, but not sure the point of anything else happening here. 3 stars

Be Cool for Once by Aminah Mae Safi
3.5 stars suspend disbelief but liked the ending made me lol & enjoyed the convo w/ love interests. Mention of f/f romance.

Tags by Walter Dean Myers
5 stars play script nice format, interesting revealing pace, touching/twisty ending.

Why I Learned to Cook By Sara Farizan
F/f romance, middle eastern heritage (Iran American protog)Persian. Good old people. Acceptance. Made me swell with joy. 5 stars.

A Stranger at the Bochinche by Daniel José Older
Wtf 1 Star confused 🤷🏽‍♀️

A Boy’s Duty by Sharon G. Flake
Was really into but I don’t get the motivation or ending? 2.5 stars

One Voice A Something in Between Story by Melissa de la Cruz
Immigration. College. Racism. Explaining POC POV to someone who doesn’t get it 5 Stars

Paladin/Samurai by Gene Luen Yang, Illustrations by Thien Pham
3.5 stars

Catch, Pull, Drive by Schuyler Bailar
Trans. Feel for character. Tw for dead name. Athlete. Empowering. Moving. 5 stars

Super Human by Nicola Yoon
Shook. 5 stars