A review by farbooksventure
Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino

challenging reflective slow-paced


There's a lot to unpack in these essays. I don't think I have the energy or the brainpower to do that at this point in life.

Overall, I think Trick Mirror is a thought-provoking read. Sadly not the easiest nor the most accessible one at that.

This is possibly a "me" problem, but I find some essays way too lengthy to be comfortable to read. Maybe this is how essays are usually written & I'm simply not used to it.

This might also contribute to the fact that I often find myself confused in the middle of them. I would read a paragraph in these essays and just go "Wait, why are we talking about this again?". To say that I often find myself lost is an understatement.

Even though I find an essay titled Pure Heroines compellingI don't have the most pleasant reading experience with this book. I get through it in two months because I procrastinate reading it way too many times.

If you're interested in reading about the various ways human deluded themselves in the modern era (cue self-delusion in the subtitle of this book), you might find this essays collection interesting.

Trick Mirror is definitely not something you pick up for a pleasant/escapism reading purpose.

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