A review by zarafray4
The Switch, by Beth O'Leary


Thank you Netgalley and MacMillan Audio for allowing me to review this beautiful story.

The Switch by Beth O'Leary is a charming story about a granddaughter and grandmother who switch places. After the loss of her sister, Leena was having trouble coping. She is put on a two month sabbatical, in which she decides to go visit her grandmother, Eileen. Eileen, who is almost eighty, is feeling very lonely after her husband leaves her. Eileen, decides to look for love in London, while Leena throws herself into her grandmother's responsibilities in her village. They both soon find themselves, healing, and love.

This is a story jumps between the perspectives of grandmother and granddaughter, and has elements of loss, healing, love, family and community. My favorite element was the strong show of community. Eileen brings together the people of Leena's apartment building, and they embrace her and what she is trying to accomplish. Things were a big tougher for Leena, as she had to try and change the minds of the elderly community that were very stuck in their ways. In the end, it showed how tight knit that community was, and how they care for their own.

As I listened to the audio book, I want to add that I really enjoyed the duel narrations of the story. The two narrators did a fantastic job making it feel like I was sitting in a room, while they were telling their story to me.

The one thing that I would say is, the story did seem to go rather slowly at times. In some moments, it would drag on a bit. I also felt like it could have concluded a bit sooner than it did.

All in all, this is was a lovely, sweet, and endearing story that I enjoyed. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys charming, witty, and uplifting stories. I look forward to reading other novels that this author has to offer.