A review by nihadmewan01
Midnight Robber, by Nalo Hopkinson


I could copy-past my review of Black Leopard red wolf here, with minor changes, and I wouldn't feel like I'm being unjust to this book.
It feels like those two authors got together and said: What can we put in our books that is so shocking, it'll make us seem dark, edgy, and relevant?.... * a moment of intense concentration as one scratches a chin and the other tappes fingers on a table*. ... Oh oh oh I know! Child rape!!!

Let me be clear :
J.R.R Talkien himself, with all of his glory, can rise from the grave, just to write one single book; one that encompasses all the fantasy tales of humankind, from the first tale ever told by the fire side to the last; one for my eyes only... one which features a child getting raped...


I know this might not be a problem for everyone, but it is for me.

*Takes calming breath and goes makes herself comforting hot chocolate *