A review by barkalot
Invincible, Vol. 16: Family Ties, by Corey Walker, Cliff Rathburn, Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley


When Mark's father, Nolan, returns to Talescria with the news that the last Viltrumites have settled on Earth, Allen (now "Grand Allen" of the Coalition of Planets) knows what he has to do. Armed with a modified version of the Scourge virus, he heads to Earth to exterminate them. Nolan, Mark and eventually the Viltrumites themselves try to stop him, but in the skirmish, Mark is infected. Although it does not kill him, Mark has to be hospitalized and carefully monitored. Dinosaurus remains by his side the whole time, and saves him from more Viltrumite treachery. Meanwhile, Allen regrets his decision and tries to come with terms with nearly having been responsible for the deaths of billions of innocent people.

I don't think Allen's constituents are going to be happy with him either way. I guess he can at least tell them that he tried to do the "right" thing (as they see it). Dinosaurus is turning out to be quite the asset - brilliant AND extremely powerful. Good thing he's on "our" side? Have they really managed to isolate the virus and is it really as ineffective as they think? Time will tell.