A review by wart
Fail Seven Times, by Kris Ripper


Thing I Find While Shelving

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Justin Simos is in love with his best friends, Alex and Jamie. Alex and Jamie are together - and occasionally play with other people - so Justin has to keep that fact under wraps. Except one night there's some alcohol and some spectacularly good sex and Justin is convinced he's mucked everything up. He struggles to build the distance back up between them, trying to reinforce the walls he built to protect them. Well. He tells himself it's to protect them, that anything they start with him will end badly because he isn't worth it.

But Alex and Jamie have known him too long and they can see through his bullshit. They let him have his space, but they also call him on his shit. And slowly, carefully, Justin starts to let himself open up.

Kris Ripper writes an absolutely beautiful polyamorous Friends-To-Lovers story. Justin is raw and difficult, all sarcasm and rough edges. But Ripper does a masterful job of showing us what's under the surface, of taking a character who could too easily slip into two dimensions and showing us the complexities of who he is and how he got to where he is when the story starts.

And how he, Alex, and Jamie reach their ending.

Fail Seven Times is gorgeously written. Ripper's prose is visceral. It gets under your skin, against your nerves. The characters are brilliantly crafted, both the main characters and the side characters. I really loved this book. 5/5 Stars