A review by gitli57
The Lesser Blessed by Richard Van Camp

challenging dark reflective


Our best Indig writers can place a story in an extremely bleak setting and, somehow, still make it life affirming. RvC does that here. The traumas and struggles of adolescent Indig characters from dysfunctional, poor families is familiar stuff. But The Lesser Blessed holds up pretty well 25 years on. It's a short novel at just 137 pages and this "20th Anniversary Edition" fills things out by including two short stories that are set in the same town and feature characters from the novel. Small town First Nations folks' struggles in late 20th Century Canada. It's cold. And you have to love a short Christmas story that begins "Things to do today: Get laid"

Content warnings for drug abuse, physical violence, animal death and explicit sexual encounter

NOTE: I came back in and changed my rating from 3.5 to 3 because as I thought back over the book, I didn't find the women characters convincing.