A review by lennqn
The House in the Cerulean Sea, by TJ Klune


this was a wonderful book and it made me so happy. it ended exactly how i wanted and it was SO ADORABLE. i love this so much.

---------------------some wonderful quotes---------------------

"her assistant, a despicable toad of a man named gunther."

"he couldn't believe it was only wednesday. and it was made worse when he realized it was actually tuesday."

"i am evil incarnate." the dastardly voice said."i am a blight upon the skin of the world.and i will bring it to its knees. prepare for the end of days. your time had come and the rivers will run with the blood of the innocent."
Talia sighed "he is such a drama queen"

"perhaps we could save the hellfire and the darkest parts for tomorrow."
Lucy shrugged,"okay"

It’s the little things. Little treasures we find without knowing their origin. And they come when we least expect them. It’s beautiful, when you think about it

You can’t. Nobody can. I am the father of snakes. The void in the—” “That’s enough of that,” Mr. Parnassus said lightly

Mr. Baker helped me. He told me I can be scared, but to remember there’s more to me than that.” He sighed. “People can be rude, and they can think dumb things about me, but I have all of you, and that’s what’s most important. Right, Mr. Baker?” Linus thought it was far too late to shield his heart

His name is Lucy. And he has spiders in his brain. He dreams of death and fire and destruction, and it tears at him. But do you know what I found? I found a boy, a six-year-old boy who loves going on adventures. Who has the wildest imagination. He dances. He sings. He lives for music, and it moves through him like the blood in his veins.”

Because I … I’ve seen things. Here. Learned things I didn’t know before. It changed me. I didn’t know how much until I no longer had it. When I could no longer wake up and walk to the house for breakfast. Or listen to you teach them. Or discuss your ludicrous thoughts on philosophy with you. Or go on adventures on Saturdays wearing ridiculous outfits while being threatened with a grisly death.”

Arthur held him tighter. “You silly, delightful man. There is nothing to be sorry for. You fought for us. I could never be angry with you for that. How I cherish you.” Linus felt his heart settle in his chest.