A review by curiosityboughtthebook
A Penny For Your Thoughts: (The Lowback Series - Book 1) by Robert Ford, Matt Hayward


Robert Ford and Matt Hayward knock it out of the park with this witty, funny and creative horror novel.

Joe is fresh out of prison, living with his dad and trying to avoid getting incarcerated again. One day, he takes a hike along the trails, and finds a jar filled with notes. All these notes have a penny stuck to them, and seem to be someone's long forgotten wishes. He doesn't seem too alarmed when the first few wishes come true. Yet, soon he wonders what the real price for these trifle wishes is going to be.

This book is awesome. The authors sure have a knack for developing characters and making them come to life. While Joe seems like a bad guy at first, you will soon come to love him and root for him. His ex girlfriend is another story all together. I don't find myself having this kind of contempt for a fictional character often.

Within 292 pages, the authors managed to tell a fleshed out story with a wide array of characters and settings. It's quite funny, but it's also the type of horror I enjoy. I'm definitely looking forward to more material from these two amazing writers! I just saw there's another book coming out in this series, and I can't wait!

4 out of 5 stars!