A review by ameserole
The Last Legacy by Adrienne Young


Heck yes! I'm ready for another adventure in this universe! Just like the Fable books, I devoured The Last Legacy in one sitting. It was kind of hard not to. Especially after getting to meet the crazy characters.

I loved all things Bryn but at times she felt a bit naïve or maybe just a smidge to easy to manipulate. Which, I get it... her family sucks. And by family I mean her crazy uncle. Then there's Ezra, who I absolutely adored. Even though I went through some moments of pure suspicion. It is definitely all on me but I don't regret any of it.

Mostly because of how much I really liked this. Although, I would have liked for things to be more spaced out instead of having all of it cluster towards the end. Not that I'm mad any of it happened but it definitely gave me some nail biting moments.

In the end, they sailed off into the sunset like Jack and Rose.. if only she shared the damn door with him.