A review by bookish_flaneur
Fools In Love: Fresh Twists on Romantic Tales, by Hannah Moskowitz, Natasha Ngan, Rebecca Kim Wells, Ashley Herring Blake, Rebecca Podos, Amy Spalding, Sara Farizan, Laura Silverman, Laura Silverman, Gloria Chao, Rebecca Barrow, Julian Winters, Claire Kann, Lilliam Rivera


ARC review - Fools in Love
(pub date Dec 7)

my rating: 5 stars
genres: short stories, romance, lgbtqia+
age: 13+ (-intimacy)

this book reminded me of the power of short stories. in just a few pages per story, i fell in love with every character as they, too, fell in love. the diversity in this book was amazing, and I would definitely recommend it if you want to diversify your bookshelf :) honestly no cons at all. there was a mix of contemporary, fantasy, sci fi so there is something for every reader. i will be buying this book :) scroll for short summaries of each story (each plays on a well-known romance trope

snowed in together
a beautiful commentary on taking the second step in a relationship, but with fantasy and wolves!

mistaken identity
a cute feel-good romance full of musical songs and awkwardness

unfortunately, blobs do not eat snacks
a magical assignment turns into something more sinister, tense and mysterious with some well-written romance

a beautiful exploration of what it means to be out, and respecting boundaries, definitely one of my favourites :)

what makes us heroes
a well-written story that shows just how heroic villains can be

a cute story about a real life love triangle, polygamy and everything :)

my best friend’s girl
a beautiful commentary on knowing when somebody is the one

(fairy)like attracts like
a romance so cute, it is a fairytale :)

these strings
a coming of age story about having confidence to make a move

the passover date
a wonderfully heartwarming jewish play on the fake dating trope

a touching story about missed connections, recommend this one for plant lovers :)

teed up
a cute sporty story for golf lovers

boys noise
THE ONE BED TROPE need i say more? freaking beautiful

girls just want to have fun
space. secret royalty. an inticing romance that will never be... or will it?

the end of the world is imminent - can you reunite with a lost love?