A review by kspear22
Truthwitch, by Susan Dennard


Gosh. This was a huge letdown for me. I mean, THE HYPE around this book has been insane for MONTHS. And it was one of the most wanted ARCs since summer.

I'm bummed it didn't work out for me.

Dennard can write - there's no question about that. But she's not a storyteller, if that makes sense. There's no real world building here. Terms and words are just thrown at you, and you're expected to understand what the hell they all mean. Maybe it's just me, but I was lost for the beginning chapters. I mean, I still don't "get" what a Threadsister even is. Lol

I just found myself bored. The first chapter started out with a bang! I thought that was a good sign. However, things immediately slowed down. And there are chapter and chapters of nothing. Just loads of things being spoken about. I know people say a Truthwitch is the greatest power, but I'm like, "This Bloodwitch things seems way more useful. Especially if the Truthwitch can be tricked."

The romance? I wasn't feeling it. For a really long time. I knew it was supposed to be there, but yeah...

The thing/character I loved, though --- Iseult. She's a raging bad ass! For real. I enjoyed her friendship with Safi, but honestly, I'd rather have read some kind of magical book with HER as the sole lead.

I'm not sure if I'll continue with the series. I do think Dennard can write the hell out of books, but she needs to be better at TELLING the story. Sometimes, less description and inner monologue works best. And when you're introducing readers into a new world, it's sort of important to clearly identify each group/type to avoid confusion. As readers, we just know what we are being told in the book. She's the creator who knows all. I would've just liked a better idea of things.