A review by amywong
Bad Feminist, by Roxane Gay

emotional reflective medium-paced


There are many amazing quotes in here but because I listened as an audiobook I didn't write it down. I may go through an ebook or physical one to get those quotes later. But this is still great as a casual listen. Gay doesn't go too deep into each topic. She basically gets to the point of the nuanced opinions she has on each topic. You may or may not agree with her but the point is not for people to agree with her, the point is more so that there are points and perspectives that are missing in these areas. As with many conversations on media and social media nuance and details are missing that are required for progress. For a quick read that isn't too deep that it's boring, this is perfect to get those details in for a better conversation. I personally don't agree with her thoughts on trigger warnings but I agree with most of the other topics. I agreed with her essay on how Girls was massively criticized and had too many expectations out of when other shows were not critiqued enough or shows that did more right were overshadowed. I also agreed with the way r*pe is always mishandled in media and how if you're ok with Tosh's humor and that it's subjective you're just wrong. And I loved the final statement. A bad feminist is better than not a feminist. 

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