A review by debsd
Guilty, by Laura Elliot


There is, I think, the kernel of a good story here, but the execution is dreadful. I found the writing to be poor and often it wasn't even written in full sentences. Informal conversations were written in language that was much too formal; slightly more formal situations (e.g. police interviews) were even more formal, and incredibly awkward. The newspaper "clippings" were just dire - I know of no self-respecting newspaper that would publish anything so badly-written. There was an enormous quantity of exposition. There were situations which were not even faintly credible; for example, when the police search a character's house, he does not even tell his wife - she finds out the next day, from a newspaper article. As this was an ARC, I did try to give it a fair shake, but gave up about one-third of the way through and moved on to something I could enjoy reading.