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Take Your Own Advice: Learn to Trust Your Inner Voice and Start Helping Yourself by Jeffrey Marsh

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5 ⭐ CW: Child abuse, bullying, homophobia/transphobia, sexual assault, gay slur 

Take Your Own Advice: Learn to Trust Your Inner Voice by Jeffrey Marsh is part memoir, part Buddhist advice, part work book. This is one of the few books I've preordered as soon as I found out about it. I've been following Jeffrey Marsh for awhile now, and it was nice to get to know them better.

Marsh gives advice on how to listen to the advice we always give to others. By the fact that we picked the book up at all probably indicates people come to you for advice often. Marsh uses their life experiences, coupled with the wisdom they learned through Zen Buddhism, to help us break down each of the ways we hold ourselves back. 

Honestly, I highly recommend this book for any person who grew up in a toxic or abusive home, especially if you're also LGBTQ+. Marsh's experiences hit quite close to home for me as far as the emotional abuse and generally bad parenting. This book made me cry a few times. Sometimes from remembering painful memories, sometimes from reading something and feeling innately understood. This was a very validating book to read, and I only wish it had existed years ago when I first stopped being in contact with my family. This might be one of those books I return to from time to time when I need perspective or when the voices in my head get too strong. 

Jeffrey Marsh is a treasure. Go buy their books. 

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