A review by epubprincess
Followers by Megan Angelo


Wow! This is a very ambitious book and I really enjoyed reading it. It was surprisingly long, slow at parts, but ultimately very readable.

First, the good: This has one of the most interesting concepts I've come across in a while. A story centered on our cultural addiction to social media and sharing and an imagining of what this could lead to in the future. It's witty and funny, and I often found myself smiling and thinking "I could see that happening." It starts off interesting (although the prologue doesn't make any sense at all and could honestly be skipped).

Now, the bad: this book is entirely too long and really drags at points. A lot of time is spent on the Honey backstory and it's really not necessary. There is so much build up to "the spill" that when it actually happens, it's not as interesting as it could have been. A lot of time is spent on side characters that don't add much to the plot. There's a journey to "Atlantis" that's also too long and a strange Trump cameo that really wasn't necessary. The second half is not as interesting as the first, but it ends nicely with most loose ends tied up neatly.