A review by egurgens
Blood Sworn by Scott Reintgen

adventurous dark emotional hopeful tense medium-paced


A wonderful end to the duology. When I finished Ashlords, I NEEDED to read the sequel. I had to wait for it to ship, but it definitely did not disappoint. The war between the Longhands and the Ashlords is in full swing, with both Adrian and Pippa in charge. Imelda stays with the mountain rebels, fighting Ashlords and freeing Dividian slaves and prisoners. Quinn, Pippa's ghost from the first book, manages to pull Pippa and Aidan into the underworld with her, and together, they find the secrets the gods had been hiding from them. With a new purpose, the two generals join forces to fight their true enemy. Imelda ends up in the underworld after taking control of an Ashlord tower, where there is a special mix of phoenix's that can take her to the underworld. There, they chance across a dead god, and learn that the ruthless gods are vulnerable, as well as the power of her own blood.
All three meet up, and work together to beat their enemy and reform the empire as equals. No longer are the Dividians lesser than, or servants. No longer are the Ashlords rich overlords. Between the three of them, they work to make the formerly oppressive empire equal, for all citizens to have their own.
Definitely loved it, the duology was a wonder I was not expecting. 

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