A review by efram
The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene


The 48 Laws of Power's rate of absolute five stars displays my strong but attentive recommendation for the book. It is unwise to let the naive and feeble-minded ones read and absorb some of the lessons tackled within this book. I will recommend it to graduating college students for they are the ones currently in transition to face the reality and cruelty of the real world. Also, some of the lessons can be very valuable in work.

The strengths of the book are its timelessness for each law can still be observed and being put into practice, magnificent story-telling - each laws containing entertaining fables, engaging short stories, and historical passages, and the intelligence of writing their reversals. In regards with its weaknesses: unethical and unrighteous. This book is a great arsenal for the real world but too much of these - abominable.