A review by beejai
The Broken Crown, by Michelle West


A while back I was listening to the House War series by this same author on audible. I stopped that series so I could dig up "The Sacred Hunt" books that take place in the same universe and keep the right chronology. Unfortunately, I never did manage to get them as audiobooks (Shame on you, Audible).

Anyways, I decided on a whim to start this series even though I never did read the Sacred Hunt books. The first 20-30% seemed very complex and slow but I am guessing it would not be so much so for those who did read TSH. I love the complex and workable blend of Eastern Asian and Muslim cultures that is the Annagarian culture. I loved the return of Jay, the main character of the HW series, even though she plays only a peripheral role so far in book one of TBC. Diora and Teresa (especially Teresa) are awesome characters. For that matter, Michelle West is probably one of the best in the field for creating awesome and believable female characters is a fictional universe that is very male-dominated.

I think I might have preferred to read this, especially the beginning, but with so much else I am required to be reading for my Master's classes, I'm glad to have this to listen to on my commutes. If you have been thinking about this series, do it. If you dnf'd it in the early pages, please pick it up again. This book and I am guessing this series, is worth it. Michelle West/Sagara is probably one of the most underrated fantasy authors out there.