A review by lawsalor
The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan


I like this book a lot and I enjoy how they have Jason just come up at nowhere because actually makes sense if we started this series with Percy in the Roman camp I don't think we would be as intrigued because even though we love Percy we would be way too confused to actually enjoy the story and I am so excited to read the next book.
Also since Jason got part of his memory bag it gives us a little teaser into our new characters.
I love that Jason and Piper still really like each other and that it is always like in the forefront of their minds because my mind is garbage and can only pay attention to romance so when I see that at almost a return these two are like blushing and giggling to each other (not literally) It fills my heart with joy. Even though I love percabeth we only got it from Percy's perspective and because he was so young of course he's not going to be like oh my God I do love her I love Annabeth I'm 13 and this is enemies to lovers and I love her right away of course not That's not going to happen but they don't focus on Percy and Annabeth in the first series they focus on the adventure ahead I like focusing on the romance

Leo's character is just so cool I'm very glad that a child of Hephaestus is one of our main characters like everything about Leo is just so amazing in I feel like he should be the main character instead of Jason because Jason is a little boring due to the fact that he is the Golden boy and he can do no wrong He is the leader like with Percy he made mistakes We all know but I think because we are viewing it from three different sides in this book it makes Jason seem so much better than Percy and his judgmental thoughts.