A review by snivystorm
Knife Edge, by Malorie Blackman


A sequel I dare say is superior to Blackman's prior work 'Noughts and Crosses'. Like how 'Spider-Man 2' and 'The Dark Knight' took the established world from their predecessors and vastly improved on already their brilliant origins movies, 'Knife Edge' does that and then some for 'Noughts and Crosses'.

For all who have read it, I think this quote sums up exactly, why I consider it so.

'I'd walked but a few steps when I realised my face was wet. I looked up. When had it started raining? (...) But there wasn't a single cloud in the sky.'

There's two characters in this novel that I fell in love with because they both suffer (one more than another) and both are dealing with the exact same loss in life yet in two entirely different ways; one through denial and violence, the other through longing yet hoping.

I implore you, if you've read the first novel: keep reading. This is one of the best works of fictions I've ever read and (unlike the first and subsequent ones) the romance here blends so perfectly with the bleak setting that it pulls at you from page to page until you're left devastated by the end, in a good way.

So, put the knife down and pick this book up for an edge-of-your-seat story.