A review by goodeyreads
A Match in the Making, by Jen Turano



Thank you to Bethany House Fiction for an ARC and gifted copy.



This is the first book I’ve read by Turano and I overall really enjoyed it. I loved the light hearted vibes and how audacious the whole book is. There’s high levels of drama that are fun to lean into and it is wild how intense the match making business became.

I thought all of the different little scenes connected to a solid storyline. I loved how Gwendolyn took charge and reigned in everything that was happening. She was a likeable main character who at her heart wanted the best for those around her (even if they needed a firm talking to first). I adored the three kids. I know not everyone loves them in stories, but I thought they worked beautifully. They themselves were humorous and also in desperate need of true love and intention. They blossomed as much as the rest of the main characters and I loved seeing that transition.

Length wise, I do think it could have been a little shorter. I noticed a good handful of repetitive commentary within a few pages of each other that I didn’t need to hear over and over again. Besides that, it’s a sunny book, with a unique setting (for me, I’ve never read a Gilded Age matchmaking book!), and a cute romance that takes both Gwendolyn and Walter by surprise.

Overall audience notes:
- Historical Romance
- Language: none
- Romance: kisses
- Violence: low
- Trigger/Content Warnings: kidnapping, loss of a spouse (from childbirth)