A review by greywardenblue
Broad Knowledge (Women Up to No Good, #2), by Mingzhao Xu, Maggie Maxwell, Aimee Ogden, Rati Mehrotra, Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría, Julie Nováková, Jae Steinbacher, Priya Sridhar, Wendy Nikel, Lawrence Schimel, Ezzy G. Languzzi, Joanna Michal Hoyt, Nisi Shawl, Rebecca Jones-Howe, Charlotte Ashley, R.S. Benedict, Joanne Merriam, D.A. Xiaolin Spires, Audrey R. Hollis, Sarina Dorie, Therese Pieczynski, Marie Vibbert, A.T. Greenblatt, Xin Niu Zhang, Autumn Christian, Tabitha Sin, Claudine Griggs, Premee Mohamed, Liz Ulin, Clarice Radrick, L. Timmel Duchamp, Estíbaliz Espinosa, Angela Slatter, Megan Chaudhuri, Vida Cruz, Sonya Taaffe, Laura E. Price


I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

According to the introduction, in all of these stories, the pivotal moments revolve around what the characters know. And nothing is more frightening to the world than a woman who knows things. We all know that knowledge is power, but knowledge is also a very versatile and broad concept, which means that the stories in this anthology were also very versatile.

Overall, I have to say that most of the stories were a solid 3-4 stars for me: there were many creative ideas, but only a few stories really shone for me. However, I also didn’t find any stories that I hated, which is always a good thing, and a pretty good achievement with more than 30 stories.

There really is a variety in the stories – some of them involve mythology or legends, some are sci-fi with robots, and some are realistic/contemporary with a strong woman protagonist. All of the stories go to dark places, although the degree to which they do can also vary a lot.

Note: Out of 35 stories, 5 of them had queer women protagonists.

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