A review by kle105
Sweatpants Season, by Danielle Allen


Ok, this book was totally a cover made me buy it kind of book. Nevermind that it is fall and grey sweatpants are now everywhere I finally decided to read it.

Akila is a strong independent woman and while taking a class by a well known photographer gets paired up with Carlos. Carlos is serious about the class, as is Akila so they are happy to be paired together. However once Carlos reveals that he is a part of a trio called The Lost Boys who host a podcast called Date Night she is extremely conflicted. The podcast is degrading to women and has a lot of harmful views and advice for men and how they treat women.

This adds a huge can't like him/ like him back and forth that was at times exhausting. While I could see Akila's side to him being a part of the show and therefor condoning the views expressed on the show it was a little overreaching at times.

They were also competing for a single spot for a column and ending up co-writing a column on dating. This led to some pretty fun banter, arguments, and steam.

I think this was a wrong time wrong book for me. It was much heavier than I wanted at the time, and certainly not at all what I was expecting based on the cover. It is also a heavy feminist viewpoint and at times I felt it very judgmental and one sided. I appreciate some of the representation to how women are treated and objectified, problem is I don't think the people that need to see it and understand it are reading this book in order to do anything about it.