A review by hauntedhexgirl
Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn


Dark themed books are often my favorite types to read, and this one hit the mark. The characters are all flawed, which I liked, they seemed like they could be real people. I’ve lived in small towns like Wind Gap before and the gossip takes on a whole life of its own and people really do think they are above others who grew up elsewhere, those things really resonated with me because I’ve seen it first hand before.

I liked the pacing of the story, there was a bit of a build up, but it didn’t feel like it dragged on either. There was a few moments where the characters would say or think something and I felt a bit of a cringe because it was hard to picture someone really doing it, but then I have to remind myself that there’s all different types of people and it’s more believable than I think.

Part of the twist was a little obvious to me, but still enjoyable. The other was less obvious and I enjoyed it.

If you’re into dark themes, this book is a good read. Just be cautious if you’re not used to such descriptive writing when it comes to these themes or things that I might be uncomfortable. Overall, I really enjoyed the book. This is the second Gillian Flynn book I’ve read (the first one being gone girl), and I can’t wait to read more.