A review by feelingpeachygreen
This is Vegan Propaganda: And Other Lies The Meat Industry Tells You by Ed Winters

Did not finish book. Stopped at 34%.
Ed's tone is all wrong and it reads poorly.

Obviously it's incredibly depressing anyway but there is something so very off about the way Ed writes this. 

I thought the title "this is vegan propaganda" was a jokey allusion to how the media represents vegans but bloody hell this is political polemic structured mostly around US farms.

Sure, he does mention UK farms, but not before he's hit you with the shock factor of US practices. From language to tone to structure, it's genuinely very polemical and the title is apt.

I thought I'd force myself to read it anyway but it's put me off Ed Winters and his other work.

"I only realised chickens had feelings when I saw a lorry fall over and they got run over when I was 22" HOW DID IT TAKE YOU UNTIL YOU WERE 22 TO REALISE ANIMALS FELT THINGS