A review by the_dragon_starback
York: The Map of Stars, by Laura Ruby


There is so much to say about this excellent end to the York trilogy/saga, but most of it involves spoilers. Three things that I loved about this third and final instalment (not necessarily in order of importance): the book is physically beautiful (I love the way that each cover is more colourful than the previous book), the ending was fittingly momentous, and I loved all the characters.

Now, I was a little apprehensive about the friction between Jaime and the twins that was promised in the synopsis because I generally don't love mistrust between main characters (how do I manage to read any fiction books at all? I have no idea). Thankfully, it all felt real and unforced and and there were lovely moments of "normal" (HA! normal isn't even a word in these books) interaction between them even in that tension.
Aside from the main characters, there were appearances from many of the brilliant supporting characters that I love and admire (Aunt Esther! Imogen Sparks! Auguste!!!), and there were MORE new characters that were fun and cool and everything I want from York characters.
Honestly, the characters are my favourite part of the York trilogy, so even if the ending wasn't what it was supposed to be, I probably would be satisfied simply because of the characters that made their appearance in The Map of Stars.

In fact, I do think the cipher solution worked. But I like that by the time the cipher is solved, it really isn't about solving the cipher anymore, but it's about something bigger. Does that mean the ending made perfect sense to me? Not at all. Does this bother me? Not particularly . . . because it just means that I get to read this trilogy over and over again and have new thoughts and ideas each time.

Laura Ruby's wide-ranging imagination and vision combined with her attention to detail and excellent writing is fully on display in this trilogy and in this book, and it continually astounds me.
Five stars, no question about it.