A review by mattobin
Fen Runners, by John Gordon


One of Gordon's short novels, Fen Runners, as with much of his work, is set around Wisbech, Norwich where the fens run out to the sea and which Gordon spent much of his youth exploring. The story follows Kit and Connie, both who have always lived close to each other but never met. Yet when an event brings them together, they both encounter that a mysterious, serpentine shadow invisible to all but them. Such an encounter draws them closer and deeper into an ancient mystery that lies deep beneath the River Nene (my guess re: place).
Although short, Gordon retains the complex, folk-tinged narrative with which he is so well known and he packs much into this story. What Gordon does well is the ominous, ever-growing threat of something invisible and ancient clawing at the young. His use of place and weather is wonderful and all help to build up tension. An excellent novel to share and discuss with others although I sometimes felt that the narrative jumped a little in places.