A review by books4days
The Hate U Give, by Angie Thomas


This book came about after the author tweeted a publisher asking if he thought there was a place for a YA novel inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. If the success of this book is anything to go off of, the answer is a resounding YES.

I had heard great things about this novel before I read it (author endorsements and even an article in Entertainment Weekly) and it delivered on all I had heard and then some. I wasn't expecting the book to be as compulsively readable (I read it all in a single day), entertaining, and relatable as I found it to be.

Everything about this book was just so well done. One of the primary aspects of the character of Starr Carter is her constant code-switching between her environment and peers, whether she's in Garden Heights (her neighborhood, afflicted by poverty, gangs, and drugs) or Williamson (her predominantly white, affluent school). Reading Starr's internal monologues when she has to balance what she feels are two sides of herself was a highlight of the book. I also liked how authentically and completely within the world of a contemporary high-schooler this book was. Harry Potter, Tumblr, the Jonas Brothers, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air -- Starr references them all.

To conclude: Please go read this book. I (and many others -- this book is seriously and rightfully very popular) highly recommend it.