A review by anniereadsvm_
Kingdom of the Wicked, by Kerri Maniscalco


I truly did love this book. I’m always like ‘it is not enough for five starts’ BUT this one was clearly enough. I also read it on Apple Books first, but already purchased my physical copie.

I enjoyed the main character and her family background. Being someone who is connected to the kitchen the way her family was, really made the whole story something else for me. Wrath and Emilia were definitely my favorite characters and I SCREAMED when that scene on the beach happened. Was not expecting the end buuut was not mad about it. I guess we all have a Victoria inside of us (Wanting something else) and I didn’t found her behavior strange. She was doing what she thought was right for herself.

I was not expecting much but for me, the best thing was the descriptions about the scenery they were. I did imagined everything and that’s not exactly a easy thing for me to do it. Made me wanna travel to Italy as soon as possible.

Can’t wait for the second.