A review by farmfreshlisa
The All-American by Susie Finkbeiner


I went into this book expecting it to be a book about Bertha. What I found was a book about two sisters experiencing the same family and time, but with very different perspectives. Bertha gives us the tomboy teenage view of how things go. Flossie gives us the pre-teen more bookworm/girly view of the same experiences.

The book goes back and forth between the two sisters--always labelled--as they experience the things going on in their life. Bertha's main dream is to be a baseball player for the professional girls leagues--not the image of an "all american girl" that is taught at school. Flossie just wants a friend who can accept her for who she is--a dreamer who lives in her books, but gets bullied frequently.

Everything changes for them when their dad (a famous author) is accused of being a Red--a member of the communist party. Suddenly their world flips upside down and they have to flee their town for their own safety...and that means leaving the beloved ball field and library behind.

The girls learn that dreams can happen anywhere and sometimes the things we think are the biggest trials in our lives, can ultimately bring us our dreams.

ps. this won't be a happily ever after. So be prepared. ;)

4 stars!