A review by asterope
As Yet Unsent, by Tamsyn Muir


 Finally got hold of the paperback. Some scattered and spoilery thoughts about this (and the rest of the extras):

Spoiler• AWG-us-tin? What? I'm just going to ignore that and continue to call him Awg-us-TEEN
• The amount of depth this short story gave to Judith and Corona in particular is wonderful
• Always here for more worldbuilding since we don't know too much about the Second. Plus all that lovely BOE intel. It has some very interesting implications for Gideon and Harrow's future
• Oh hell yes @ 'the corpse' refusing to decay
• Mercy!! I gasped in delight when I saw that first double exclamation mark. I recall Muir saying we'll see more of her, but I hope this wasn't the whole thing? I need more gems like "What you've done is accidentally kept it airtight..."
• I'm really glad this exists to fill in some of the gaps, because I'm worried the next book won't cover any events immediately after Harrow