A review by jayrothermel
Dead Titans, Waken! and Invisible Sun: Two Complete Novels by Donald A. Wandrei, by Donald Wandrei, S.T. Joshi


Finished "Dead Titans, Waken!"

Wandrei did not publish this work in his lifetime in this form, and he showed good judgment in not doing so. It is uneven, to speak politely. The science fiction jargon is embarrassing.

The book attempts to recapitulate an advent similar to that which Lovecraft covered in a quarter of the space in his "The Call of Cthulhu."

Wandrei later revised the novel as The Web of Easter Island, which I have not read.

Wandrei's narrator enjoys the usual sub-Lovecraftian bombast:

....Life is a game played in darkness, against unknown opponents, with man for ever the loser.

....The kingdom of man totters. The game was worth it only because of the struggle, since causes were never found, and the end will never be known. The triumph and the failure, the past and whatever is to be of the future, even this uncertain and perishing present, the whole of the destiny of earth is but a dream of dust.