A review by bizzybeereaders
Briarheart, by Mercedes Lackey


I definitely was hoping to love this book and I was not disappointed! It was such a sweet, heartwarming story. Maybe a little younger than YA, which is where I found it at Barnes&Noble, but I ended up loving it so that’s alright.

Things I loved:
-Wholesome without being cliche. I loved all of the escapades she went out without being afraid of an unhappy ending. She didn’t always succeed, she made mistakes, but overall, I could count on Miri to be a good person and to have fun adventures.

-Completely rejects the chosen one trope. Miri is only a hero by choice, and even then she’s not always a hero. No one is forcing her to do anything and fate definitely does not play a part in the book.

-The ending! It was just so cute and fun, I seriously didn’t see it coming.

Things I didn’t like:
- I wish the Companions had more defined personalities, and honestly, I feel that way about most of the characters. They all have veerrrry similar rhetoric when talking. No one’s shy, no one’s short-tempered, etc. They’re all just normal, courtly people/animals. It didn’t ruin the novel or anything, but I wish the author could have distinguished between characters. It was very plot based and not at all character based.

-The mysteries aren’t all wrapped up. I’m pretty sure this is a standalone book (?) but I had so many questions at the end that i wished would’ve been answered.