A review by forestidylls
The Golden Enclaves by Naomi Novik


A brilliant conclusion to the trilogy, with twists and turns that even I did not see coming. I applaud Naomi Novik for continuing to find unexpected ways to solutions that seem impossible.

However, there were a few more swear words than in the previous books, as if to prove how grown up she was, and sometimes the inundation of details about how the magic worked made my head swirl trying to understand. Perhaps that was necessary, perhaps not. And I do not see how a romance with Liesel had any relevance whatsoever. It was almost just like an easy way out so that the main character didn't actually have to figure out how to deal with what she was going through, but could instead focus on things that just made her feel good, ignoring the deeper issues, or possibly a political statement, or perhaps an attempt to ratchet tension that was not necessary. A simple friendship would have done the exact same thing the issues with Liesel did.