A review by kerryanndunn
Neverwhere Illustrated Edition, by Neil Gaiman


October 2017 Review: I've always loved this book and the illustrations by Chris Riddell in this new edition just enhance that love. I love every character, even the bad guys. They are all so well written, unique, entirely themselves. Neil Gaiman is magic.

September 2020 Review: "All was silent. All was empty. Dead autumn leaves blew across the forecourt, a flurry of yellow and ocher and brown, a sudden burst of muted color in the dim light."

I seem to always reread this book in the autumn months, and it's so perfect for it. Is this my favorite Neil Gaiman novel? Perhaps. My love for Neil is like my love for Jane Austen. Whatever book of his I've read most recently is my favorite. In this book he does some magically supreme world building with his mystically dangerous London Below. There are some genuinely terrifying moments in this book, but it's also exciting and brilliant and original. I've read this book enough that these characters feel like friends. And some of them, enemies. I hope one day Neil Gaiman writes another book about London Below. The stories about it must be endless, but only he can tell them.