A review by whothehelliskaitlin
A Marvellous Light, by Freya Marske


I really enjoyed everything about this book. I love how the magic systems and setup are so different from every other book I've read and although it was sometimes a little hard to follow that never took away from my experience reading it. It was so interesting to read about magic through hands, blood, and land. I also loved that I felt really immersed in the setting and time period without the novel feeling like a stuffy classic English novel. What I enjoyed the most though were the character dynamics and how well fleshed out they were. I was in love with the idea of Robin and Edwin falling in love and I found myself looking forward to every interaction they had. Not only that, I enjoyed seeing how the other characters were built into the story and how they acted as well.

This book gives you everything you want and need from its world and characters without having an over convoluted universe set up to follow and it still keeps you interested. Five stars from me because I was hooked from when I first read the premise till the very end and every chapter kept getting more and more interesting. I also, again, really loved Robin and Edwin!