A review by charlottevandenberg
Hunters of the Dusk, by Darren Shan


When a friend of mine recommended a young adult series to me about vampires I was a little hesitant. Thinking back a few years to the time I tried many vampire series friends of mine loved I almost lost interest completely. But I trusted this friend and decided to check it out. I could always stop reading after the first book. I was relieved to see that this book didn’t look like any of the other vampire books I tried to read so I didn’t have come up with an excuse why I couldn’t read this series. I’m so glad I gave it a chance.

This is the seventh book of the series and it still isn’t boring or predictable. These are great books if you feel yourself getting into a reading slump and you need to read a book that’s interesting and easy. I usually read these books when I’m reading a something that’s hard to get through and I need a break.

I liked this book but I did have a few problems with some things:

This book had a new character I didn’t like. We meet a new prince: Vancha. The way he acts is just too much and extreme. I would have liked him better if the way he behaved was more subtle. There was a conversation between him and Darren where we find out he want to beat the sun so he tortures himself by walking around in daylight. I don’t know maybe I’m wrong but that makes no sense to me.

Darren goes through something called '’the purge’’. It’s a sort of super-fast vampire puberty. I didn’t like this because I loved reading about him struggling with growing up so slowly and it was so unexpected and felt forced.

The names vampaneze and vampets. I don’t think it should be very hard to come up with something better than that.