A review by dinx219
Nick and Noel's Christmas Playlist by Codi Hall


I love reading Christmas stories in December. This had all the makings of a Hallmark Christmas movie with the cliche character and town names and the winter activities. Throw in a dash of spice, and we've got our story.

Nick and Noel have been best friends since they were babies. This year is a little bit different, though, because it seems that both of them have begun to see each other through a different lens. Nick is fresh out of the army and finally back home where he finds himself single, as his long-term girlfriend not only cheated on him while he was stationed overseas, but promptly broke up with him upon his return. Noel is also unattached, as her friend with benefits decided to start dating someone else. So, on a night out together with friends, when the two of them run into each of their old flings, they share a steamy impromptu kiss to show said exes they're over them. This leads to the whole town gossiping about them. The fact that they both rather enjoyed the kiss really confuses things. They aren't supposed to be attracted to each other; they're best friends! It takes a while for them to navigate through all the hang ups, but they finally manage and have a sweet and happy ending. It did move a little bit slow for me, as Noel had a lot of issues and insecurities given her history, but it was still a cute story. I'm looking forward to Book 2.