A review by joyfullyjacquie
Wonder Woman: Warbringer: The Graphic Novel by Leigh Bardugo, Louise Simonson


Having read the novel by Leigh Bardugo before picking this graphic novel up, I was very excited to check out the illustrations and adaptations of the novel in this and I was not dissapointed.

Okay, what I loved about this was literally the graphics/illustrations. The colors and the artist's use of color help portray and bring Diana/Wonder Woman to life. If you have read the novelization you already know how well Leigh brings Diana to life with words, so to have pictures added to those words was incredible!

Overall, this was a 4 star rating for me though. The reason it was 4 instead of 5 was honestly only because it was the graphic novel and I had read the novelization before I had read the graphic novel. Though I love the illustrations and the text together, I honestly love the story more in the novel form. I am sure anyone who reads this first might think the opposite of me. That is not to say the story telling and illustrations are bad, just that I enjoy the novel more.