A review by seshathawk
Anyone But You by Jennifer Crusie


This is a sweet and simple romance that I believe I heard about on the SBTB podcast a couple months ago. I checked it out of the library when I desperately needed something other than non-fiction to read, and proceeded to read it in a day.

The main thing that caught my attention about this book was that the hero is younger than the heroine. He's a doctor, she's newly divorced. They live in the same building. Although they're both attracted to each other right off the bat, they become friends first, spending time together watching old movies and hanging out, before they move on the attraction. And in a genre populated by insta-lust or insta-love, I love reading that kind of thing! Some people like to take it slower, and it worked really well in the context of this book.

The only other Crusie book I've read is Bet Me, and the huge cast of characters with cutesy nicknames turned me off a little, so I was a little hesitant to read this one. I actually enjoyed this much more than Bet Me; it has a smaller cast, a simpler story, and it's shorter overall. More my kind of book than Bet Me was.

Really reassuring to read the weekend before my wedding. I'm giving it four stars just for being great for what it is, although I would probably give it closer to three and a half stars.