A review by kathydubs
Staying Stylish: Cultivating a Confident Look, Style, and Attitude by Candace Cameron Bure


I thought this was a really, really lovely book! I picked it up mostly because I love Candace from her work on film/tv, but it was such a fun read. I think initially I thought this was a memoir, so at first I was disappointed not to have many personal stories included in this. But then I realized that this is much more of a self-help coffee table type book. For what it is, I think Candace (and her team) did a great job of hitting major aspects of women's lives that all deserve equal attention, from style to self-care to family to working out. Every section started with a nice introduction from Candace and then was filled to the brim with tips and tricks, as well as awesome photos. While I felt like this was geared toward an older demographic, I still took away a lot from this book, and was glad to see I'm on a good path with many of the things I already do. Something I also really liked about this was the fact that you can tell Candace stays true to herself in her life, and I'm talking about more than the faith aspects. She shares a lot about why she does what she does and also encourages the reader to adapt or modify according to what firs THEIR lives. I loved that. She's not know-it-ally in the advice she gives but instead is just sharing what she does to live her best life. I've read a lot of these types of books, and Candace's is one of the few I've finished feeling positive about my own choices and encouraged to try out some new things she's shared. Overall, awesome book, and I'd love to read a memoir style book from her as well. (p.s.: the built in bookmark on this was fantastic, wish more books had that.)