A review by alperezq
Less, by Andrew Sean Greer


Am I missing something here? is there some deep layer of this book I'm not getting?

It's not bad, it's a perfectly fine book, but I don't see what all the fuzz is about (if people are gonna go crazy for this one, why not "where you'd go Bernadette?" another perfectly mediocre "funny" book). It's a lighthearted, often annoying book that tires maybe too much to be funny and witty.

I'm all in for somewhat unlikeable characters but this one is so goddamn whiny (I know it's intentional and might be the point of the book but that doesn't make it enjoyable).

The book is adequately described within the book:

"Zohra asks, "Is it a white middle-aged man?"
"A white middle-aged American man walking around with his white middle-aged American man sorrows"
"Jesus, i guess so."
"Arthur. sorry to tell you this. It's a little hard to feel sorry for a guy like that"
"Even gay?"
"Even gay."

And no, you don't get points for self-awareness.